Monday, February 11, 2013

An interesting blog

Last week I discovered so many Edublogs. One of them specially called my attention: Edutech for Teachers. You can find a link to it in the scroll bar on your right.
Edutech is a blog about sources and strategies for teachers to add technologies to their lessons. I found it interesting because many of the sources suggested are totally new for me, but also because it gives classroom applications to those tools I already used in my everyday life, adding a new perspective to my way of thinking about technologies and teaching.

A recent post about Twitter had this effect on me, so I had to thank the author for incorporating this perspective to my point of view by commenting on it. Infographic of the Week: How to Use Twitter in 60 Seconds, not only gives the reader some keys to start using Twitter but also specifies what the classroom connection is. This is indeed, the most relevant section of the post as the author suggest applications of Twitter that I had never thought of before.

As I said, I used Twitter every day in my personal life for, at least, 2 years. I use to read the daily news on my walk to my job or in the train to University. In this post, the author shares some ideas to use Twitter with your students that I found really inetersting and encouraging: invite the students to create accounts assuming relevant figures' personalities. From my point of view this is an excellent idea for your students' to experience historical events and to get to understand the big W questions around them.

I suscribed to the RSS of this blog. I am willing to know what is next!


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